1. juliasrants

    I certainly hope that all the baseball players learned a very valuable lesson out of Tejada’s indictment – if you’re going to buy PEDs or any other type of illegal drugs – don’t pay by check! I don’t mean to make lite of this situation – but you are correct – lying to congress. Wow. I am NOT at all happy about all these players doing really stupid things – but maybe there are better uses of my tax dollars. BASEBALL needs to take care of this problem! Not Congress.


  2. petrus_misan@hotmail.com

    Unfortunately I don’t have Baseball Between the Numbers (and am unfamiliar with how Googlebooks works…), therefore I will admit to my comment being incomplete and perhaps unfair. One expression, however, struck me in your response : Nate Silver supposedly measured ‘The average performance improvement from steroid use’. Really ? He must be a special kind of scholar. At the very least a special kind of journalist. Because, as best I know, we barely have any certainties about ‘steroid use’, few names, obviously faulty reports (Jose Canseco anyone ?), half truths (A-Rod admitting use from 2001 through 2003 sounds suspiciously like a perfect compromise between an obvious ‘it was just the one time’ lie and being a full time user. Then again, we don’t know, likely never will. This is treacherous territory.), and a testing system that has its flaws, to put it mildly. Now Nate Silver -and yourself- are intelligent, reasonable people, so I imagine a number of hypotheses and assumptions on the percentage of players using, period in which they did and so on, were taken into account in coming up with the results. Yet I can’t picture any kind of reasoning that could compensate for the ‘complete, total’ uncertainty as to who used, what they used, and when they did. Drug use is a statistician nightmare’s come to life, an insult to ‘evidence’, and I’d like to hear a stathead make the case that we are confronted with a ‘dark number’. And the truth is, the ‘statistical evidence’ at hand doesn’t seem to convince some of the writers at BP : Chritina Kahrl in her chat today : ‘ If we can’t prove it, why bother?’, and Joe Sheehan in his column yesterday :’I remain skeptical that PED use [?] warps the game, a conclusion supported by the evidence that PROVEN [I underline] use is mixed among hitters and pitchers, good players and fringe ones, strong and skinny.’ Hardly the kind of self-assured talk we’re used to from BP. Where usually you come off as pertinent, here the arguments sound contrived and convoluted (granted, I am guilty of indiscriminately lumping together different writers ; the point still stands). But if you think ‘I don’t care'(Sheehan) and ‘Why bother ?’ is a good way of treating the issue, fine. Just don’t tell me I’m the one being naïve.

  3. ericmlb

    Steve – great post as usual. You should know, however, that I won’t be able to get the image of your eyeball being injected with steriods out of my head for a long time. Ugh. Hope you stay healthy from here on in.

  4. alvaritogt

    Is the use of coffee to be awake more hours to study an advantage? Coffee makes me SLEEPY so it’s very unfair and I feel cheated when back in school my peers had this advantage over me.

    Petrus, baseball can be seen in a tradition way, as perceptions and the usual statistics of AVG / HR / RBI and ERA / W- L. Your comment comes out as a matter of perception.

    “Baseball between the numbers” has the subtitle “Why Everything You Know About the Game Is Wrong” is a great book that makes you see the game in a very different way. Go into Amazon and look at the reviews.

  5. bocco50@hotmail.com

    I have one question ….. Why is it OK for a former president of the United State to lie under oath to Congress and suffer no penalty as in “I never had sex with that women ML…” but these guys do?

  6. iamanycguy

    To the writer above me, don’t forget Ollie North. Some people turned him into a hero. That being said, now that the Yankees let an ideal number three hitter get away in Abreu, I hope they consider Hideki Matsui for that spot. He’s patient, professional hitter who sees alot of pitches, and can still hit. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a lefty hitting between rightys Jeter and A-Rod. The only drawback is that he can’t run well as well as Abreu or as well as he used to because of knee surgery. He is however fundamentally sound, meaning that he is a good baserunner.

  7. bocco50@hotmail.com

    I forgot about good old Oliver. With all the problems going on in this country and around the world I don’t want congress wasting a second on baseball. Baseball will take care of itself. Fix the economy and stop the political bull and in general stop being big babies !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for Matsui #3 where are you hitting Mark T?

  8. pjdk28@hotmail.com

    “How about all the crackpot supplements that are out there that cure diseases, increase your memory, let you lose weight without exercising? Re-grow your hair? There’s a long, long history of human beings trying to get something for nothing through snake oil….”

    Seriously, I really really enjoy you’re blog. And appreciate the occasional devil’s advocate. But comparing OTC non-fda-regulated supplements to DESIGNER SEX HORMONES is such a ridiculously ignorant and irresponsible statement i can’t but call you out on this. If you’re going to use science as an argument, read up on your biochemistry first. I am tired of the media being clueless. The term steroid is a broad chemical classification which includes cholesterol, corticosteroids, pheromones, and yes, androgens. You cannot make claims about the ineffectiveness of anabolic therapies from your experiences with CORTICOsteroids, which are used as anti-inflammatory therapies. You also can’t load up on cholesterol and get buffed out, although I see you’ve tried (I kid I kid)

    “really amazing things are happening for them, things that defy basic human physiology”
    again, this is apples and oranges. Androgen’s trigger neuromuscular development, not retinal growth. And FWIW, androgens are actually the most permeable and wide spread hormone in your body.

  9. iamanycguy

    I’d like to see Tex hit fifth. He’s a switch hitter and a pitcher navigating the lineup would have a little more difficulty if he couldn’t face two leftys or rightys in a row. Hitters six through seven would also cause them difficulty depending how Joe writes his lineup on a particular day. That’s why a healthy Posada is so crucial.

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