A-Rod surgery worst case of bad timing

As the old Leadbelly song goes, “I may be right and I may be wrong, but you know you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.” No doubt Alex Rodriguez will be singing this song now that hip surgery is apparently going to put him on the shelf for a projected 10 weeks. If the story as reported by ESPN is correct, the Yankees will be without their starting third baseman for something like six weeks of the regular season.

Since the news came through, I’ve been plumbing the depths like Cave Carson looking for replacement possibilities that won’t damage the Yankees’ efforts too badly. The two utility infield types currently in camp, Cody Ransom and Angel Berroa, are not good bets. The latter may be one of the worst bets of all time, a career .260/.305/.378 hitter. Ransom has a little more life in his bat, but despite his nice little September hot streak last fall, he’s not likely to produce at a satisfactory level. His career Minor League batting average is .242 and he’s hit about .250 over the last three seasons. Average isn’t everything, and Ransom has some power, but when you start out with a batting average that low, there’s a good chance you won’t hit safely often enough to reach an acceptable level of production.

There are a couple of Hail Mary options on the roster — Xavier Nady and Mark Teixeira (pictured) have done the third base thing in the past, Nady very briefly, Teixeira throughout his brief Minor League career. As with many young third basemen, Teixeira was prone to errors at the position, and the Rangers had Hank Blalock locked in at third, so Teix moved across the diamond and proved to be a very good first baseman. Moving Teixeira back to the hot corner now would allow the Yankees to drop Nick Swisher at first base and Nady into right field. Offensively, this is probably the best possible way to paper over Rodriguez’s extended absence. Defensively, it would all depend on Teixeira’s ability to handle a position he hasn’t touched for six years and what you gauge his risk of injury to be (if any), and if he’s even willing to make an attempt at it.

Such a solution could be flexible, depending on the starting pitcher for that day. CC Sabathia can probably stand to pitch with a weaker defense behind him. Chien-Ming Wang cannot, so his starts would have to feature a “real” third baseman, with Teixeira back at first. It’s messy, but it could work … And I can’t resist saying that Casey Stengel would have done it. Heck, down the stretch in 1954, as the Yankees were trying to avoid elimination, Casey put Yogi Berra at third and Mickey Mantle at short so he could get some extra bats into the lineup. Anything for a win, even if it seems outlandish. It should also be pointed out that the offensive damage done by a Ransom or Berroa would almost certainly outweigh the defensive damage done by putting someone like Teixeira at third.

The Minor League options on hand aren’t strong. Eric Duncan is still kicking around, but he has shown no sign of being a Major Leaguer (scratch one more Yankees first-round pick). Kevin Russo, America’s favorite utility choice, won’t hit either and has spent most of his professional life at second base. There are a number of veteran options soaking up bench spots for other teams, like Mike Lamb with the Brewers and Scott McClain with the Giants (an NRI, he’s probably expendable), but these will have to be pried free, however limited their value. The Yankees cannot give up a player of long-term value for a 10-week rental.

Whatever the solution, which at the moment is not obvious, the Yankees are now in some real trouble. The murder weapon used in the demise of last year’s Yankees team was not the shaky pitching but the presence of three replacement-level hitters in the lineup in Jose Molina, Robinson Cano, and Melky Cabrera. The Yankees just took a giant step back in that direction. If Jorge Posada isn’t ready, if Hideki Matsui isn’t ready, if the second baseman or center  fielder doesn’t hit, and Rodriguez is out for an extended period, scoring could be a problem. It might have been a problem even with Rodriguez in the lineup, so short of a season-ending injury, this is about the worst news the Yankees could have received right now. 


  1. charlief

    What about acquiring someone like Ray Durham or Mark Grundzelwhathisname to play third and then be a utility man? If the Nats were smart, they’d trade Ronnie Belliard for anything, and he’s got a better bat than the Ransom/Berrora duo. Belliard’s also lost 15 pounds this offseason, so he is probably considered spry now.

  2. jimlyttle

    Now that spoiled contingency of Yankee fans who have spent the last five years chanting the “Yanks can’t win with A-Rod” mantra get to experience first-hand their misguided foolishness.

    Good luck finding a replacement in the field and at the clean-up spot. Here’s a chance to replace those MVP numbers with some of that team-chemistry, TRUE YANKEE mumbo jumbo they all espouse.

    As for me, “an All-Star at every position” never seemed like a bad idea. Chemistry, role players and Mariano only take you so far. I prefer talent.

    The people I really feel sorry for are those in the media; who are they going to pick on for the next 10 weeks?

  3. lambertvs@gmail.com

    the yanks should see if Nettles would come out of retirement.

    If not, I like the Mike Lamb idea – considering not knowing how this surgery may affect him even after the ten weeks.

  4. dayanks24

    I’m truly sick right now. For all the Yankees off season moves, there was still a number of question marks within the line-up. A line-up without A-Rod only multiplies those question marks. For all the baggage that comes with him, the line-up is better with him than without him. It’s a shame that Duncan isn’t ready to go, I remember all the hype when he was drafted and it’s a shame that it hasn’t panned out.

  5. letsgoyankees

    Don’t overreact yet…A-Rod may be all right. He may, if we’re really, really, really lucky, and God is truly a Yankee fan like they say, have him for a full season. If not…Uh Oh.

  6. alvaritogt

    On another subjet … are you working on Casey Stengel’s “Rise and Fall” … If I can recall correctly, “Forging Genius” finished in 1949 and that info about Berra at 3rd and Mantle at SS has me wanting for more!

  7. ladytoni

    Hey Steven; You’re looking to get rid of Jeter at the age of 35 and now you’re offering 37 year old not so great player to field 3rd base?? Gimme a break guy!

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