Magnetic poles, fast grass and other impressions

In watching Cubs-Yankees on Friday evening, I tried to be alert to any events that would suggest that the park will be dramatically different in its influences than was the old ballpark. Given that we’re talking about one game, the penchant for distortion would have had to be fairly obvious — like a moat in center field. In the event, no moat appeared, but with two home runs bouncing off of them in one game, we might have to classify the foul poles as magnetic attractors.

There was some talk by our YES broadcast crew about the infield playing fast. Again, there is no way to know for sure if this is the case after just one game, but if it’s true, it will represent a double-edged sword for the Yankees. The hitters will benefit, but the pitchers will suffer, perhaps disproportionately to the opposition, because their deficiencies in range will be exacerbated. Fortunately, this can be corrected to some degree should the Yankees choose to do so — they can just let it grow.

The bigger question mark, and one that the Yankees won’t be able to do anything about, is if the open concourses or orientation of the new park have made the building more of a home-run park. The Yankees hit three in the game, and foul poles or not, they seemed to have a little more life in them than what we’ve seen from long flies in the old park. For the third time in just three paragraphs, I will emphasize that you can’t know anything about anything from just one game, and we probably shouldn’t come to any conclusions until the team has spent something like half a season in the new dish, and maybe not then.

I’ll be back with some additional observations after Saturday’s exhibition.

Derek Jeter pulling two hits. Brett Gardner’s speed both on defense and stretching a single into a double. Four scoreless innings from the bullpen (albeit against Cubs subs). Robinson Cano with two hits, including one into the shortstop’s hole —  nice to see him do something with the opposite field that doesn’t involve popping up to shallow left.

Injuries mean the Angels’ initial rotation will be Joe Saunders, Jered Weaver, Nick Adenhart, Dustin Moseley, and Shane Loux. No wonder the A’s feel empowered. And R.A. Dickey and his career 5.57 ERA have a spot in the Twins rotation until Scott Baker comes back: spring is a cruel mistress… Mike Lamb went unclaimed and was released. The Twins are paying him this year, so he would be cheap depth if the Yankees want to add a third baseman. That assumes Lamb can find his stroke again. I’m rooting for Cody Ransom, Journeyman, but it never hurts to have insurance. Assuming a modest rebound, Lamb should post a higher OBP than Ransom… One wonders how long Gary Sheffield will be happy with part-time status as a Met. Assuming he has anything left at all, both at bat and in the field, he should help on a platoon basis, with career .308/.407/.540 rates against southpaws. Even last year, which was a disaster overall, he hit six home runs against them in 109 at-bats.



    I feel like I am the only one not totally happy with the New Yankee Stadium.
    1. The frieze could have been larger and more dominant.
    2. More importantly the outfield stands do not have the graceful look of the old stadium from right to left. There is such a clutter
    of ads that it looks garish. I know it helps pay the bills but they absolutely detract. They built a high wall just for those ads.
    On the plus side It has a tremendous amount of gadgets, large clubhouses,restaurants etc but it does have the smooth and graceful looks of the grand old stadium.


    CORRECTION: Last line of my previous comment of the new stadium. It does NOT have the graceful look of the old Yankee Stadium. (I left out the word NOT in previous comment)


    CORRECTION: Last line of my previous comment of the new stadium. It does NOT have the graceful look of the old Yankee Stadium. (I left out the word NOT in previous comment)


    I was searching for the description of what the new yankee stadium looks like as you like out towards the outfield.
    It looks more like Coney Island. Take the photos of both stadiums and compare and you will see what I mean. Also compare the new FRIEZE to the original stadium frieze. Te original was very dominant. But if the Yankees win another championship, all is forgiven. Can’t believe no one else has noticed this.

  5. letsgoyankees

    Wow, the ball has really carried so far! Maybe it was just an aberration for these two games, but the homers are flying!

  6. mptalk

    I am so geared up for this season, hopefully the grass can grow thicker (which it probably will) so the balls can slow down a bit. I just hope the ball can carry for the Yanks and not the opposition.
    Monument Park Talk

    Photos of Yankee Stadium from the AP wire on my blog

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