Four games in the Great White North

                W-L  RS/G  RA/G  AVG  OBP SLG AB/HR SB CS HR/9 BB/9 K/9

Yankees   15-5  6.7    
4.4      .298   .368  .508  21        9   
3    1.2    2.8   

Blue Jays  5-15  4.3     6.0      .246   .324  .406  26        4   
4    1.5    3.7   

The Blue Jays have been softer in their last 20 games than the Orioles were in their 20 leading into the just-concluded series with the Yankees. If you replace their fluke 18-run game against the Rangers four days ago with the 21st game in the sequence, they are averaging just 3.7 runs a game. What makes this series competitive, at least on paper, is that the Yankees are employing a patchwork rotation for this four-game series, going with Chad Gaudin, Joba Chamberlain, Andy Pettitte, and Sergio Mitre. Joba matches up with Roy Halladay, and you would like to see him show up for this one given that Halladay has been murderized in his last three appearances (two against the Red Sox, one against the Rays), giving up 17 runs in 17 innings.

Travis Snider tore up Triple-A Las Vegas (.337/.431/.663) but has hit three home runs and basically nothing else since his return to the bigs, hitting .167/.310/.354 in 16 games… Rare for the Yankees to play a team that runs even less frequently than they do in the absence of Brett Gardner, but the Jays are a slow team to begin with. Their main basestealer was Alex Rios, now with the White Sox, an act of generosity on Kenny Williams’ part with no parallel in the history of baseball… With Scott Rolen dealt to the Reds and Edwin Encarnacion hurt, the Yankees will see a lot of Jose Bautista and John McDonald at third base, which is a bit like getting to face a National League lineup. That’s a bit unfair to Bautista, not so much to McDonald… First baseman Lyle Overbay is coming off of a .329/.430/.507 month; he, Aaron Hill (31 homers), Marco Scutaro, and Adam Lind are the consistent threats remaining to this lineup. Toronto’s ability to develop pitchers will keep them vaguely relevant, but they are two-thirds of a lineup away from being a real contender. The farm system shows no signs of giving them that kind of help. Yankees should be good for three out of four here, even with the shaky pitching matchups. 


Mariano Rivera for Cy Young.

It’s about time. The man is going to go down as the greatest closer in the history of baseball, and he doesn’t have a Cy Young yet. Both Rollie Fingers and Sparky Lyle do.

Love the blog…..You need text alerts so I won’t have to check 10 times a day to see if you’ve made a post.

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