Remember when Nick Swisher was going to sit so that the thoroughly mediocre Xavier Nady could play? I thought you would. The Yankees’ baseball men make some very smart decisions, but like all of us the are sometimes vulnerable to valuing something incorrectly because it somehow looks better than it is. In my life I call this The Cindy Syndrome, also known as First Girlfriend Disease. I was lucky enough to break the spell, just as the Yankees were fortunate in that the Benevolent Deity deprived them of Nady long enough for them to discover their errors. It didn’t have to be that way — some of us marry our first girlfriend, and some teams play bad players all season long. In both cases all chance for a heroic October is lost.


  1. paulo720

    Girardi was wrong to peg Nady as the starter at the start of the season, but it’s still a shame Nady went down to injury. He would’ve been useful off the bench.

  2. zenny

    I am still convinced that Girardi named Nady as the starting right fielder to boost his trade value before the season began. Even if Nady stayed healthy, the numbers would have eventually told the story the way it is working out now. Swisher is not an all-star caliber player, but he is solid. He tends to be very streaky which drives a coach like Ozzie Guillen up a tree, but Girardi has the patience required to get the most out of him. His sub-par batting average is very tolerable given his propensity to take a lot of walks. His childish demeanor is good for the team’s morale to an extent, but too much I feel could be a hinderance. What can you say…the guy is a goofball, but you gotta love him! I don’t mind the extra 12 or so dingers and 20 RBIs over what Nady would have at this point either.

  3. bahamamama

    Nady hit .305 last year, with 25 HRs and 97 RBIs. Why do you think he would have had a bad year this year? He has better overall career stats than Swisher. What?s with the all-out love for Swisher and the constant trashing of Nady?

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