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Moving and shakin’… except for the Yanks


The Pinstriped Bible comes to you
today from the YES network’s palatial home offices in Stamford, Conn. The “S” in “YES” stands for “Sports,”
but for me, it stands for “Stamford.” If only they could have gotten a “C”
in there for Connecticut it would have been
prefect: “Yankees Entertainment, Stamford, Connecticut,” but I suppose that YESC can be
difficult to say. Maybe if you add an exclamation point. The great thing about
being at YES headquarters is that virtually every room has a TV set to the only
channel that matters, which at this time of day means a heavenly chorus of Mike
Francesas. You can feel his voice in your hair follicles.


Meanwhile, a few moves have gone
down, none of them Yankees but still interesting. The Giants had to make a move
to replace the formerly ageless Omar Vizquel, who went all Rabbit Maranville ’33
on them last year, and they did so by signing Edgar Renteria to a two-year
contract. What they’ll get out of him is anyone’s guess, as Renteria has had a
couple of .330 years in his career and a great many other seasons where the .330
guy seemed to have been abducted by aliens and replaced by a guy 75 percent as
good. Since Renteria doesn’t have the greatest range at shortstop in the biz,
the level of offense he provides makes a big difference as to whether he’s even
helping. Both the Red Sox and the Tigers decided he wasn’t worth it based on
what they saw. The Cardinals and the Braves got better results. Renteria had
better — give the Giants his best for his own sake — he’s been playing for so
long, and has had so many hits, that with a good finish to his career he’ll be a
Hall-of-Fame candidate just on his sheer hit total.

Meanwhile, the Padres have
apparently dealt Khalil Greene to the Cardinals, seemingly a big upgrade for
them over incumbent Cesar Izturis. Like Renteria, Greene is a weird case. As a
rookie in 2004, Greene batted .273/.349/.446 and seemed likely to be a useful
all-around hitter. In subsequent seasons he seemed to emphasize power at the
expense of making contact, exactly the wrong approach for his ballpark. The
wheels came off this season even before injuries sat him down, and the task for
the Cardinals will be getting him focused on just making better contact.

And the Tigers signed Jack Wilson.
I’m sitting on the Hot Stove “Mom’s Basement” set just now, so I’ll reserve
comment, and only Wilson’s mom will be hurt. Suffice to say that
the Tigers have to replace Renteria, and since he didn’t hit, Wilson doesn’t represent
too much of a decline with the bat, while the glove should be an


As I’ve said many times now, I’ll be
on the Hot Stove show in a matter of minutes. During the program I’ll be
checking back to check out your feedback and react to it. Keep me fueled with
intelligent repartee, America!