Hot Stove show thread

bonds_250_020509.jpgI’ll be making my final appearance of the season on the YES Hot Stove show tonight at 6:30 EST. After this installment, the show travels to Florida but they won’t take me with them — they couldn’t figure out how to transport the bunker short of hiring a cargo plane. I’m fine with this as long as Bob Lorenz’s library set is staying behind too. I’m thinking that while they’re gone I might sneak into the studio and sit in the plush chairs. I might even sit in Murray Chass’ chair.

You know, the other day I was having dinner with two male friends, and they began discussing thread count in men’s dress shirts. Until that moment, the concept of thread count in dress shirts had not entered my mind in all of my 38 years on this planet. Thread count for sheets, sure, I’ve heard of that, though I’ve never given it all that much thought either. But for shirts? And here’s what I want to know: does Bob think about thread count in dress shirts?

I don’t yet know what topics are on tap for today — I have a sinking feeling the guys might be getting into Barry Bonds and steroids again — but if you have any topics you want to see covered during my glorious one minute of air time, I’d be happy to hear them. I’ll be checking in throughout the day and even during the program — I don’t just keep the laptop open so I can send IMs during the show.

My BP colleague Jay Jaffe, one of those famous Brewers fans from Utah, checked in with some additional notes on yesterday’s Yankees acquisition Eric Fryer. Specifically, the reason that Fryer played in the outfield during the first part of the season was because the Brewers are stacked with catchers, and they had a better prospect than Fryer, Jonathan Lucroy, at the same level to begin last season. When Lucroy moved up a level, Fryer went back behind the plate. He seemed to be a bit raw there, not throwing out many runners and making a ton of errors, but perhaps he was rusty.

To my way of thinking, it’s just as well, because (as I wrote yesterday) the Yankees are in a good place with minor league catching just now, but they could use a corner outfielder in a bad way. As Jay said, if Fryer keeps hitting, he could make Double-A by the end of the year. The Wright trade represents a nice roll of the dice by Brian Cashman.


? A final reminder that I’ll be doing a live chat at BP this Friday, February 6, at 1 p.m. EST. If you can’t make it, you can still get your questions in ahead of time at the URL above.

? My pal Allen Barra has a good bit in the New York Observer today as to why Roger Clemens isn’t Barry Bonds.


  1. buzah

    The log-in function here is a little screwy.

    In any event, for your final show of this offseason (and I will pitch an idea for more in season appearances) you should talk about the issues, like CF, bench and possibly C that the Yanks have not clarified yet.

    rock on, Steven.



    Is the Nady/Swisher trades gonna happen? Though it’s been reported that a few teams have been interested in either of the two it doesn’t seem any team as blown the Yankees away with an offer, any idea what those were and do you see any trade happening before spring training? I asked a similar question last week but they just don’t give you enough air time to address everyone questions. Thanks


  3. charlief

    Along with Christina Kahrl’s great Jeter article yesterday, Matt Meyer’s wrote something comparing Jeter’s bat to Nomar’s. In it, he mentions that PECOTA predicts the captain to hit .288/.353/.383 in 2009. Why such a significant power dropoff? He had a terrible year last year, with a hand injury, but the year before he slugged .452 which was very consistent with his career numbers. Even with the drop in batting average, his ISO would go, from .120 in ’07 to .108 in 2008 to .095 in 2009. Why is this? Is PECOTA overly dependent on last year’s numbers?

    I’d love to hear your comments on the PECOTA projections for Jeter


  4. copoll

    I think the biggest danger the Yankees have right now is their seeming belief that Jorge Posada will return after his horrendous season, surgery and another year older, and be the Posada of 2007. There’s no viable backup who can do anything other than throw runners out, and a hole left in the lineup a mile wide if Posada isn’t able to catch five days a week. And nobody (besides you, Steve) seems to be concerned about this. You can’t just assume everything will be cool, and it’s unlikely Jeter’s moving to catcher anytime soon. Is there a backup plan we don’t know about?


    One of my biggest concerns is Posada’s shoulder. If he can’t catch full-time or can’t catch at all, then he will have to DH forcing Matsui to the bench. This will create 2 automatic outs in Jose Molina and Melky Cabrera/ Brett Gardner (whoever is in CF). Molina is a terrific catcher but can’t hit a lick. I do not want to move Damon to CF and put Matsui in LF–that would be a nightmare! This just magnifies what a terrible decision the Yankees made in not signing Carlos Beltran a few years ago when he was willing to sign for less to be a Yankee. If the Yankees had Beltran in CF, it would lessen the blow of starting a non-hitter like Molina at catcher. At least they made the right move in signing Teixeira.


    I think that the Yanks should keep Joba in the bullpen and groom him for the future as a closer. The yanks did it with rivera when wettland was the closer when they won the world series so why not do the same with joba?

  7. paulp15

    Last show and Bob says how great it was working with you over the season and he’s looking forward to next season and all you can come back with is yup?! Come on big guy, reciprocate a little, I think Bob looked stunned when the camera came back to him!

  8. beelo

    I always look stunned when Steve tosses back to me, because he’s a stunningly handsome dude, no? Actually, yankee3629, ya gotta give Stevie G a pass this week…we were crunched for time at the end of the show, and had no time for any more interaction. He knew it, I knew it and you didn’t know it at the time…but now you do. As for you, Goldie, go back to counting your thread counts on your dress shirts! I want a full report on my desk, with detailed numbers, by next Tuesday! B-Lo

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