Pinstriped Bible on Yankees Hot Stove

Thank you to everybody who contributed to’s conversation during this week’s Yankees Hot Stove on the YES Network. Here is video from my appearance:

Jan. 29 appearance on Yankees Hot Stove:

Jan. 8 appearance on Yankees Hot Stove:

Dec. 18 appearance on Yankees Hot Stove::


Dec. 4 appearance on Yankees Hot Stove:

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    Wow, so that’s what Goldman looks like. For years, I was thinking that he was really a cartoon (like the one on the top of his site). It’s reassuring to know that he is not animated, although I would love to see him, Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin argue about CC Sabathia. That would be some good fun.
    Good job, Steve. When will you be on again?

  2. dachshund4

    Mr Goldman,
    You did a very good job. Very smooth. We think along the same lines. I am 61 now and as a Yankee fan since the age of 8 (never lived in NY) believe the # 1 priority for thew Bombers is Texeria. Give him 8 years @ $20M per w/ 2-1 year options. Load him up with incentivies on the back end of the deal and forget about first base for 8-10 years. They can get at least 2 starters out of the pitchers that are available. I would love to see Burnett, Lowe &/ or Sheets in Pinstripes. I know the injury thing with Burnett & Sheets but what about the rewards if they stay healthy. They both have electric stuff not to mention not having to face Burnett who killed the Yanks.


    I enjoyed the show and I enjoy the Pinstriped Bible. You’re very knowledgeable, are a good writer, and have a good sense of humor. By way of Hot Stove, I’d love to get CC, but I worry that so much cash in one basket is dangerous (see Zito, Barry; Pavano, Carl; etc.) I wonder if two lower-level pitchers would be smarter to guard against ineffectiveness and/or injury. Also, I’d love to see Texeria – he so fills a need and would give us the great offensive/defensive first sacker we’ve lacked since Tino. I never liked Giambi because, while he was an offensive player, his defense was just plain offensive and I think that reduced his value to the team dramatically. One thing your site should have is a spell checker because I’m sure I made some mistakes and hate to send out things with misspellings.


    Am I the only one who is looking at the $90 or so million that came of the payroll this year and wondering when the rest of the purse strings are going to be released? Lets do some math….$90 mil – $23 for CC – $16.5 for AJ – $3.6?? for Swisher. This would leave $46.9 Mill in annual salary left on the table going into next season. I know that it is hard to justify/quantify the impact of $243.5 million in gauranteed money over the long term but, this is the Yanks who happened to be opening a new cash cow stadium and have the most profitable regional sports network in the country. I do not think it is unrealisitic for the team to drop a bomb over the next 48 hours and put in a big offer for Tex. This would give protection to A-Rod who happens to be on pace to break the all time HR record which, that alone will add a ton of revenue in future years from merchandise sales, etc. It would also, as noted above in a previous comment secure the first base position for the next decade or so. Oh and by the way, if they offered $22 per for Tex, they would still have $25 million or so in money left to match last years payroll. They could use this to secure Andy or go after Sheets/Lowe as a 5th starter.

  5. gajow

    Born and raised three blocks from Yankee Stadium, I have been
    a faithful Yankee fan all my life and involved in organized baseball for over 40 years as a player and coach.

    Mark T. is a Hall of Fame player in the making and has the potential of becoming one of the best athletes to ever play first base in last 50 years.

    Someone please tell Yankee management to invest in their team now, as well as for their future and give this ball player the money. Don’t allow Boston to get this PLAYER!!!

  6. 7yankee

    Opportunities only come once in a while. You presently still need to add Manny Ramirez to this line up. Tex, A-Rod and manny as 3-4-5 will allow the yankees line up to score 1000 runs. That allows the Yankees to offer players to the Pirates for Centerfielder Nate McClouth. That would make this Yankees team equal to the 27 and 61 Yankees or better. With the Salries trading a Matsui or Damon along with a Nady and or Cabrara, the Yankees would not have a higher salary total than last year. Manny wants to be here and is the best clutch hitter in baseball. Do it before the opportunity of a lifetime goes away!

  7. college7

    You did a great job. I’m not saying that because you used my quote but you talk very well and make good points. You have the same mindset as most yankee fans when talking about improving the centerfield situation. Thanks for using my quote, hopefully i’ll make an appearance on the next show.

  8. papanick

    you seem to collect all the fans thoughts in great order
    how about a new topic of concern

    2010 -on
    complete outfield re alignment ?
    jeter getting older..corner outfield spot…promote a shortstop
    dh posada
    catcher ?…biggest hole to fill…let’s face it…jorge posada
    was great…can still be great in 2009
    2nd base is also a question…did cano bounce back in 2009
    will the yankees try a last gasp deal for orlando hudson before 2009 spring training season and trade cano?

    it is also time to look at 3rd base to some long to play a-rod at third?…33 in 2009 maybe another 3 years at third and then give hime a lifelong dh spot…posada will have retired..maybe jeter…
    time to look at the farm system from a real perspective..
    something the hotstove guys don’t do

  9. papanick

    2009 team is being built as a win now or else year
    last contract years for damon and matsui
    nady is signed for 1 year as is cabrera
    a j burnette i feel has at least 2-3 good years left
    sabathia i feel can do good in 2009
    wang and chamberlain rebound and perform well
    does it come down to 5th spot in rotation ?
    my suggestion is a performance laden contract with
    ben sheets..not freddie garcia
    or alfredo aceves..still young
    bullpen is one or two arms away from being great..
    bruney hopefully signs soon..if not robertson or giese can take his spot as long men..
    area of concern…nick swisher..a 21 million dollar utility player….ph…dh….backup leftfielder,rightfielder and first base..

    biggest nightmare….all 3 megabuck signees get injured and miss significant playing time…..P A N I C T I M E !!!!


    Steve, what happened on last nights show? You were great talking about Joba, but then when Bob Lorenz came back to you the second time to talk about what the fans are saying it was a little awkward. You said, “Adam Dunn…(pregnant pause)…”. I really expected you to have more to say. One of the best segments you did was when they actually put excepts from the blog comments on the screen for people to read. I’ll assume part of the problem last night was the time constraint of trying to fit everything into a half hour show. Are there only 2 Hot Stove Shows left, Feb. 5 and 12? Or do they keep going until spring training games start? Keep up the great work.

  11. paulp15

    Last show and Bob says how great it was working with you over the season and he’s looking forward to next season and all you can come back with is yup?! Come on big guy, reciprocate a little, I think Bob looked stunned when the camera came back to him!

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